Mathematics is the music of reason - or is it? Mathematics accompanies us on every step. It is a field, which teaches us to think logically, to be systematic and persistent, it improves our imagination and ability to think creatively and most importantly - makes it easier for us to learn about other fields of science. Often, when children and youth are asked whether they like mathematics, the answer is no. But why? Maybe the teachers’ attitude towards students at school is to blame or maybe it is the matter of method of introducing the subject to the pupils and that makes mathematics incomprehensible and consequently - unlikable. As Albert Einstein said, pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas and to notice those beautiful ideas, it is best to deepen the knowledge in that field.

Chemistry is another subject often causing uncertainty when it comes to its understanding. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have basic understanding of mathematics, chemistry will not cause any problems.

Atoms, molecules, reactions, bonds, ions, elements - with our school all of those notions will become so easy and clear, that every next test will prove to be only a pleasant formality. You shouldn’t be scared of that subject, because everything in chemistry is logical and one is the result of the other. At the beginning, you only need to get familiar with the periodic table and then understand the gist of creating chemical reactions and writing chemical equations. This can be a result of conducting interesting experiments.

Physics has gained its reputation among students to be the most complicated field taught at school. Physics is hardly ever associated with the pleasant part of school education and it’s high time to change that and stop thinking about this subject negatively.p>

Teaching methods which our tutors apply might change your attitude towards the well-known dynamics, kinematics or electromagnetism, so the notion of velocity, intensity, force or energy will prove to be way easier to understand than you previously might have thought. At the beginning, it’s important to notice some positive aspects of the subject and then try to understand it, which might turn out to be easier with our help.

Your willingness and work combined with Euroschool private lessons will help you achieve very good grades at school and consequently it will enable you to go through the school education happily, without unnecessary stress. If you like physics the most out of all the subjects and you would like to broaden your knowledge in that field - we are eager to share our experience and help you improve the skills you already have.

As an international school, we specialize in developing passion for foreign languages, such as: English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and Polish. We can prepare students to secondary school exam, eighth grade exam as well as matriculation examination. Overcome the language barrier with us and achieve your dream goals.

Biology, geography, history and civics. Sometimes even those subjects might be a mystery, which we will help you solve. Call us or write and tell us where the problem lies, and we will choose the best tutor precisely for those subjects.