As our team consists of professional tutors, we ensure scientific support on each level of advancement. The biggest asset of our teachers is not only broad knowledge of taught subjects, but also the variety of said subjects. Many of them help their students by teaching not only one subject, but also they often combine their knowledge of all science related fields and teach mathematics, chemistry and physics at the same time.

Through their experience and passion for science, tutors can help students on following levels of advancement:

  • Primary school/secondary school level, including
    Eighth grade exam,
    Secondary school exam,
  • High school level including
    A-level exam and extramural examinations,
  • pPreparing for exams at the university or college.

Our teachers will help you prepare and revise to every exam of a specific field. All you have to do is call us ahead in time, so we can choose the ideal tutor for you and sign up for private lessons.

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