Our school provides private, individual teaching in both Polish and English. Lessons can take place at tutor’s home, but are also available on house calls.

Baza wiedzy szkolnej

Private lessons with us are of the highest quality of teaching and a guarantee of success. The inspiration for our school comes from London and that is where its largest branch is located. We are aware of the importance of education nowadays, thus we want to help every person who aims at international development, hence we offer lessons of the highest standard, headed by the best private tutors.

Over the years, our school earned its intact opinion and effects of our hard work are visible in numerous achievements of our students and 100% pass rate of matriculation examination, secondary school exam and many others. Currently we are based not only in Great Britain, but also in Sweeden, Germany, Holland and obviously Poland – in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Lodz.

We provide the selection of suitable tutor, who can simultaneously teach a few subjects in English or Polish. For those, who would like to take advantage of online private tutoring, we highly recommend giving it a try. We cooperate with students from Oxford University, who are eager to help, however lessons with them are conducted exclusively in English.

Contact us - call, write, and we will provide you with all information.